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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  February 1, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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he is confirmed? and final act, for now at least. it's hillary clinton's last day at the state department. >> so these last days have been bittersweet for me. but this opportunity that i have here before you gives me some time to reflect on the distance that weave traveled and to take stock of what we've done and what is left to do. >> and as she leaves the state department this afternoon, john kerry will arrive to be sworn in by justice alina keggen, and nor sentimental sendoff. 30 rock ends its seven-year run with lots of laughs and familiar faces. >> looked like another cold one in the midwest. >> bundle up, everyone. if you can, get hit by a car. >> according to the national weather service, you should, and i quote, leave work, get in your purpose bentley and be home with your sharks. >> if the democratic party
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controlled congress, i would see to it that he was punished in the worst way possible by having to come down here and listen to us. >> the show earned 14 emmys, had countless guest star appearances, some famous, and some not so famous. good day. i'm andrea mitchell. live in washington. good news and bad news in today's jobs report. the unemployment rate inched closer to 8%, but more than 150,000 jobs were added in january. revisions to last year's data showed stronger job growth than first predicted. joining me now forrure daily fix, chris, msnbc contributor and managing editor of post and washington post editorial columnist ruth marcus, and u.s. economics editor for the economist. greg, first to you. you're the expert on all things jobs. the revisions are really good and strong. it shows that 2012 was a lot
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better. take us through the numbers. >> yeah. well, the numbers for january were more or less as expected. about 157,000 jobs. what was more interesting was that even though that was a slowdown. it was a slowdown from what turned out to be a good fourth quarter of 2012, just when we thought the fears of the fiscal cliff were going to take hiring, we were creating around 200,000 jobs per month. we -- the last estimate suggested it was only around 150,000 jobs. it suggested a nice bit of momentum coming into 2013. >> chris, this is good news for the white house going into negotiations with the hill in terms of the economic movement at least in 2012, but they do have to worry about the softness in january. >> absolutely. you know, i have actually had greg explain to me many times about this because the thing that i'm so fashion natured by is the revisions. i mean, it's like -- it's like being a weather man. they can vary so wildly that i feel like we take these things as the gospel, particularly during election season, and then
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all of a sudden, oh, well, we missed it by 100,000 jobs. >> never mind, right? >> i think we should all take one big step back politically and say let's wait and see what the revisions are, but, yeah, you're right, andrea. i mean, i think president obama can now go back and say look at the fourth quarter of 2012. things are starting to work. one interesting note, though, his inaugural address got lots and lots of attention. one thing that wasn't really in there in any specificity was the economy. it's a way forward on how she thinks the next right steps or what he thinks the next right steps are on the economy. there's some sort of gray area here in where he wants to head. >> now, before we get to chuck hagel, the sort of train wreck that happened yesterday, ruth marcus, the white house is coming out or hhs is coming out with new rules to liberalize the guidelines so that religious institutions are somewhat insulated, somewhat more insulateded. first of all, they're going to
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more broadly define religious institutions. also, give a separate provider so that the religious institutions themselves don't have to provide birth control to their employees. >> well, first of all, you said white house, and even though hhs issues these guidelines, one can be fairly sure that the white house was closely following this because this has been a difficult issue for them. what they did today was really an elaboration of a plan that they had proposed earlier. the theory, as i understand it, is that it won't be the employers strog pay for couldn't are a acceptings, nor will it be women having to pay for the contraseptive coverage. the insurers will foot the bill. >> the third parties. >> on the theory that they will save money in the long run because pregnancy is pretty expensive. as is having a child, i can tell you. the other thing is that the white house or the administration or the government won't be in the position of figuring out who qualifies as a religious institution. that will be another part of the
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government, which is it will be up to the irs definition. so i think what we're all doing right now is waiting for the puff of white smoke to see what the bishops have to say about that. >> speaking what of bishops have to say. the senate, as judge and jury, chris, what happened yesterday? i know that he did murder boards. he practice he practiced and rehearsed. there were only five of his past statements that he had to deal with. he had to know that his problems were going to come from john mccain, ted cruz, lindsey graham, and a couple of the other republican conservatives. it just seemed to go completely off track. not the confirmation, but the performance. >> well, here's what happened. he was bad. i mean, there's no other kind of way to put it. these things -- these public kwurmation hearings are at least part performance, andrea, and i would argue they're mostly performance, and you are right.
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he just seemed sort of ill equipped to manage it. only thing i could think of was this. strategically speaking. chuck hagel and his people decided going into this that, yes, he had a few issues, but they had already sort of been publicly litigated and had proven to be not disqualifying. that is, he had got tony this point. therefore, he should just take sort of a passive stance, let ted cruz, let john mccain, let them lecture him sort of be apologetic and say i did the best i that i could, but not go on the attack, not be aggressive, be under the theory that if nothing else came out that ultimately the republican senators would vote against him, but wouldn't block his nomination, and he would wind up the secretary of defense. that's the best explanation i can come up with. other than he just didn't sleep well the night before and wasn't good. >> well, still, ruth, and all the rest of you, how does this leave him? assume that he gets confirmed, he has to be a tough -- a tough
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guy at the pentagon. he is going to be tough with congress. he has to deal with the potential of the sequester, fighting for the budget that he does get, dealing with all of the problems that come at you when you are in charge of the pentagon and the generals and the other members of the joint chiefs are going to feel they can run over him. >> we'll see about that. i assume that every general with any number of stars was watching intently yesterday, and might have had that thought in mind. you said another important word, which is sequester. it's going to be a huge mess over there trying to, first, anticipate this, and then deal with whatever the new reality is. i do think that it was ugly yesterday. it was ugly on both sides. the white house wasn't so much from what i heard defending his performance as saying that those mean republicans also performed in an ugly and bad and not very attractive way. i don't think anybody looked particularly good in that
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showdown. i also think it's very clear that this is, you know, we love it, but washington theater, he will be confirmed, and we'll see -- >> life moves on? >> life moves on. there are other tests in life, believe it or not, in addition to how you perform in a senate hearing room. >> one of those tests is the sequester and managing this pentagon budget, and that is a major challenge. we've got -- it's not just the pentagon, obviously, but that is the biggest challenge right now, and it's the one that is concerning in terms of national security, obviously. >> yeah. >> i mean, it is remarkable as the white house was pointing out that we've got 66,000 troops in afghanistan and so few of the questions even related to an ongoing war, but the budget and the fact that agencies all over the government are now wasting time and money figuring out how to allocate their money if the sequester goes through because they have to under law. >> i think that one of the subtexts of what we've seen this week is that between the very poor reception for senator hagel and ironically today's good employment numbers actually increase the odds of sequester
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happening. one, because you don't have a defense secretary who is a strong enough position, perhaps, to fight for the budget and ironically, the fact that the economy seems to be doing okay means that congress perhaps doesn't feel as much pressure to protect the economy by moving the sequester. >> count on congress to take absolutely the wrong message for many. thank you very much. joining me to discuss how lawmakers are assessing chuck hagel's performance yesterday is one of his good friends, rhode island democrat jack reid, one of the strongest supporters of the former senate colleague. senator, thanks so much for being with us. it did not go well. do you know what happened there? >> well, i was surprised at the tone. as you suggested and your colleague suggested, there are serious issues of national security, of defense budgets. all of that seemed to be relegated to sort of prosecutorial did you say this
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seven or eight years ago. when the president much the united states turns to the secretary of defense, i doubt if he will be asking what he might have said exactly seven years ago. he will be asking them what is your recommendation about the budget? what's your recommendation about the crisis going forward? chuck hagel will be able to respond based on a lifetime of experience in a way that helps the president make extremely difficult decisions. so i think he stood his ground, and i think he was ready to search as secretary of defense. >> i wanted to show you a picture that will look like an album from one of your photo albums, because this is you and senator hagel and senator obama then in 2008 in jordan. if we can pull up those pictures. >> yes. >> this was the moment in the 2008 campaign when chuck hagel accompanied barack obama and i'm inferring that it was widely viewed that john mccain took umbrage that he felt that this was, even though hagel did not
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endorse barack obama against john mccain, his old friend and buddy, but this really was a breaking point between the two of them. he felt that it was disloyal. >> well, i was there with senator hagel. i think one of the reasons that senator obama joined us on the trip was he wanted to get a firsthand impression about iraq and afghanistan, and also, he wanted a perspective from someone who was a republican, clearly republican, but also a combat veteran, someone who had a great feel for the military. i can't speculate about senator mccain's reaction. i can say, though, john mccain is one of the -- he is serious about all the issues. he is treating this nomination like everything he --s with great seriousness, and i commend him for that.
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>> we're just learning that at least the associated press and the boston globe both reporting that scott brown will not be running for the seat next toor to you in rhode island. what do you think of that, since he was widely viewed as the biggest challenge to a perspective democrat running for that open seat? of course, the john kerry seat. >> i -- all politics is local. i'm a little surprised, but i -- my reaction would be that he has made a decision. he knows better than anyone what's it like to serve in the senate, what is it like to run for the senate, and you have to thank him for his service and respect his decision. >> and back to the hagel situation and what's going to happen at d.o.d. we've been talking here about how his performance, assuming that he does get confirmed, does that weaken him going into the pentagon where there are a lot of sharks ready to attack?
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>> no, absolutely not. i think what people recognize in the pentagon is here is someone who is who has been where they've been, been wounded twice, understands the military, not theoretically, not from lectures, but from being there in combat. that gives them tremendous credibility with the uniformed military, and also, i think that the style of listening, the style of having an open mind, the style of engaging that chuck has, and i think that's one of the reasons why the president has nominated him is going to serve him very well in the pentagon. so i think, you know, they might have been watching yesterday, but for the first time they're going to have someone in a long time who is actually served in combat and been wounded in combat. >> and do you think that he will be confirmed? what are you hearing from your democratic colleagues? >> i have always felt he is
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going to be confirmed because, frankly, there are a few people who have been nominated in the position that have combat experience and have been enlisted in had the united states army, business experience as ail successful entrepreneur, experience in the federal government and the second person in charge of the veterans administration, extensive experience with these issues as united states senator, as president of the atlantic council. you are talking about someone who is perhaps not uniquely, but particularly qualified to serve as secretary of defense, and i think kwaul ficks and his willingness to serve the country, again, you know, back in the 1960s he not only volunteered to go to vietnam, but he served there with great distinction. he is someone who is a patriot, and i think in the end of the day that's going to make the difference. his experience, his intellect, and his commitment to the country. >> and, finally, i don't know if you have heard anything -- any
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briefing at all on what happened in anchora today with a group that claims to be a left wing group against u.s. forces? we've deployed forces to run the patriot anti-aircraft batteries, the missile systems there. what do you know about what happened at our embassy? >> i just know what's been reported that apparently two people have been killed, including the suicide bomber, and that we're taking precautions to protect americans and american diplomatic personnel as we should, but i am just like you waiting to hear more details, particularly what was the motivation, what connections he might have with other organizations? >> thank you very much, senator reid. thanks for being with us today. >> thanks, andrea. >> and coming up next, more reaction to senator hagel's hearing from connecticut senator richard bloomenthal. as hillary clinton exits the state department, we look at the legacy she's leaving behind for women and girls around the world. you're watching "andrea mitchell
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despite chuck hagel's brutal confirm's hearing and a hostile reception from his former republican pals, the white house and many democrats remain hopeful that hagel still will be confirmed as the mechanics defense secretary. joining me now is senator richard bloomenthal, a member of the armed services committee who questioned hagel at confess's hearing. do you agree with that sense that he will be confirmed? snoo i do. i have seen no shift awaying from him in the support that he has received so far. if anything, increased support. ironically, given a lot of what's been said publicly. i am supporting him because i think he is qualified to be the secretary of defense and the president has some prerogative in choosing his team. after all, the president is the
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one who sets policy. i needs a team to implement it. >> what about some of the questioning from some of your republican colleagues. there was a lot of questioning on israel. were you satisfied, and did you think that there was perhaps lacking some questioning about afghanistan where we have 66,000 troops in about -- in the field? >> you have very appropriately and correctly made the point that there was relatively little questioning about the issues of substance and historic magnitude that the next secretary of defense will have to determine. really setting our national security strategy only for this year, but for years and maybe decades to come, and i have been assured on israel that he is unekwifically and clearly in support of israel's security, providing the iron dome, and other necessary military aid. i have been assured that he is
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unekwifically and clearly in support of the president's policy. that we take unilateral action if necessary, if the sanctions don't work to prevent a nuclear armed iran on sexual assault in the military. he is going to pursue and prosecute anybody with responsibility or accountability, and on gays in the military, don't ask, don't tell, the repeal will be instituted sfwlelsly, as well as efforts to stop suicides and as well provide more aid for our veterans and if i may make a point, that i think senator reid began making, this man has seen war, as he put it yesterday, from the bottom up. he has seen it from the perspective of the enlisted man, and he would be the first enlisted man to have the defense department, and he has not only a compassion, but an understanding for what it takes
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to keep and attract and retain the leaders and war fighters of the future, which is critical at a time when we're downsizing our troop level. we all say our biggest asset is our people, but this man has an understanding of what it will take to prevent what's happened in the past, which is the hollowing out of our military personnel at a time when we will immediate to retain and attract the best and the brightest. >> now, i also wanted to ask you about the tragedy in connecticut, sandy hook, and the new legislation you're proposing for background checks on the magazines, getting at the ammunition itself. is that more likely than trying to ban the assault weapons? >> i think background checks are common ground. they can attract bipartisan support, extending background checks universally to all
1:23 pm
firearms purchases so we close the gun show loophole. 40% of all the firearm sales that occur in this country will be covered by the background check law, but also ammunition, which is really the fuel that drives many of these mass killings, and many of the killings on our streets, tragically, and, unfortunately, and everybody talks these days about the need for better enforcement. here's a measure to enforce the current law, because right now the law forbids fugitives, felons, criminals, domestic abusers, people with serious mental illness from buying both ammunition and firearms. both ammunitions and firearms. yet, floss background check. none whatsoever for ammunition purchases. anybody can walk into a store buy a shopping cart full of ammunition, pay for it, walk out, no questions asked. law enforcement is in favor of this measure as attorney general, and u.s. attorney, the federal prosecutor, before then
1:24 pm
for four and a half years i know that law enforcement really feels that enforcement of existing laws can be bettered by this kind of commonsense measure, and i think to answer your question very directly, the centerpiece of efforts to control gun violence of the horrific kind that occurred in my state in newtown we're still recovering and rebuilding and grieving, and seeking to aid the people that were directly involved. that kind of effort will be aided by these national background checks, along with efforts against straw purchases, trafficking, a comprehensive strategy that includes mental health michigan at thes such as i propose mental health first and aed a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. >> and as the children try -- the surviving children try to heal, we note that they are from sandy hook elementary. the children are going to be going to the super bowl and singing "america the beautiful," and that is going to be a moment
1:25 pm
this weekend, indeed. >> it will be a moment. >> we thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you very much, senator. >> thank you, andrea. >> as we've been noting all week, this is hillary clinton's last day as the nation's top diplomat, a journey that took her to 112 nations. she travelled almost a million miles. including a visit to egypt and tunisia in 2011. the birthplace of the arab spring. she walked through tahrir square, the rallying point for egypt's pro-democracy movement. >> hi. hello. >> welcome, hellry. >> hi. nice to see you. >> thank you. thank you. hello. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
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blast by a far left group opposed to u.s. insulance in turkey. soldiers have arrived in turkey to protect turkey from the spillover of veals from syria. meanwhile, violence escalates in egypt. opponents of mohammed morsi launched fireworks at the outer wall of the presidential palace. at the compound there. here's a life look outside the compoupd. police are responding by firing canons and tear gas at protesters. energy secretary steven chew is the latest to step down after four years in the obama administration. the nobel laureate is one of the last cabinet members to announce plans to either leave or stay for a second term. the mother of 15-year-old hadia pendleton is remembering her daughter, who was killed in chicago by gun violence a week after she performed at the president's inauguration. cleo, her mother, spoke to msnbc's the reverend al. >> you know, she had aspirations
1:30 pm
for being an adult, but, you know, she was just 15 and enjoying it. we talked to her about these years being some of the best years of your life and just enjoying. you are going to make a difference. she was hadea. she was special. >> in response to the latest wave of gun violence in chicago, mayor rahm emanuel announced that 200 more police officers will be leaving their desk jobs to patrol the city streets. sfwlirchlgt the most difficult moment for the state department under hillary clinton clearly was the loss of four americans, including ambassador chris stevens, at the u.s. mission in benghazi. last september she and president obama preceded over a somber repat yags ceremony at andrews air force base. >> so we will wipe away our tears, stiffen our spines and face the future undaunted. we will do it together.
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you are free to go. [ dad ] tide and downy. great on their own, even better together. hillary rodham clinton healthing's commitment to advancing the welfare of women and girls around the world is now entrenched at the state department. thursday president obama issued a presidential memo creating a permanent role for the state department's ambassador at large for global women's issues. a post hillary clinton created especially when she came to the estate department. joining me now who now searches in that role. the first ambassador for global affairs for women. you have traveled i think more than secretary clinton, if that's possible. essential traveled to some very difficult places. congratulations on what have you achieved. what is the most significant thing do you think that as we look forward for women and girls around the world. >> i think it's to continue and
1:35 pm
grow in that understanding that how critical they are to economic growth, to development, and to the kind of world we want to see in every way, in peace, and security, that their participation whether m economies of their countries, in the decision making of their countries is absolutely essential to a more significant, effect ti outcome in all that we do, and that's what we try to do in these last few years in this position and we're so delight that the president issued that presidential memo to continue all of this work. it's to integrate it into everything the state department does. >> looking back, we were just talking, as you wrapped today, beijing 1995 the first lady goes to beijing. that's where she broke by saying something that went well beyond
1:36 pm
typical first lady activity. it was very edgy in terms of the way that the chinese hosts greeted it. >> it was difficult getting to beijing. there was a lot of controversy about whether she should go to that women's conference, but the world was gathering in that place, and when she finally did make her way there, there weren't too many people who knew what she was going to say, and that was a very big debate. was she just going to throw out a softball? was she going to not upset her host? was she going to really move the ball down the field? just what was she going to do? when she said it's time to end the silence. women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights, and that meant that women's rights weren't some subset of human rights, weren't marginal to human rights, weren't some separate category, but human rights, and everything that that entailed for access to
1:37 pm
education, to economic participation, political participation, to be free from violence, and i think when she came out of that setting, no matter where one stood on the political spectrum, right or left, the unanimous conclusion was that it was probably her most historic moment from that time until when she said it and that she was such an extraordinary voice for the united states and all of the values that we held true. you remember so well the thunderous, positive reaction she got in that hall, and she went through a littany of violations of women's rights and said that each of those was, indeed, a violation of human rights. it was like the beginning of a movement. it sparked so much. to this day whenever people meet her or me or so many others,
1:38 pm
they say i'm so and so, and i was in beijing. it's short-hand for i am committed to what this represented and what you did. >> so now what happens with afghanistan? there's a withdrawal afoot. it's accelerating. what happens to the women of afghanistan as new voices take over? what happens to women in pakistan? mulala, the education of girls, the violence against women. how does it continue? >> well, the united states will keep these issues. we have a strong -- for women's rights. it's chicagzelled in the constitution in afghanistan that those rights need to be protected in the kind of agreements that go forward. we have been working with women for a long time there. there is no doubt they are worried about the future. we also know, and i think this
1:39 pm
is really important, andrea, there will be no sustainable peace. that potential for sustainable peace will not be possible if the women are marginalized or silent. they are critical to afghanistan's future. this isn't just the right thing to do. it is the smart thing to do. it is the effective thing to do. that's the truth in all of the ways in which we operate, whether in terms of places in crisis and conflict, in economic decision making, that we need to bear these issues upper most, and that's what secretary clinton has made a point of doing kibtly for so long, and hopefully this will just grow, as it should, and must for us to be effective in our foreign policy and for the assurance of our own security and our own interests. >> well, thank you, and thank you for your service. good luck. i know you're going to continue this in an academic context, and
1:40 pm
this is an issue that is still going to be very much pafsh your life and your work. >> thanks, andrea. >> thank you. >> the global challenges that await our next secretary of state, and you may have noticed that i'm wearing red today. joining women and men across the country and all throughout nbc and msnbc in support of the american heart association's national wear red day for women's heart health. heart disease is the number one killer of women in america, but for many it can be prevented by eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, not smoke, and visiting your doctor. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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sfwlimplt john kerry will be sworn in later today. he will inherit a long list including the threat of a nuclear iran. joining me is a scholar with the endowment for national peace. aem a davidson, the senior
1:44 pm
editor with the new yorker making sfwleen. thank you both. thank you very much. just as john kerry is heading to the state department, he is being sworn in privately this afternoon as hillary clinton exits, and she's going to be speaking at around 2:30, and we'll have that, of course, all live. he has apparently told "the boston globe" in a farewell interview as he went around massachusetts visiting points of his public career, he has told "the boston globe" that president obama offered hem a job a week before susan rice withdrew. this is a different timeline. david, what does this tell us about the doings of washington? we know that she first got herself into difficulty the second week of september after the benghazi attack on those five talk shows that blew p the following week when she was called to the hill, and then she was sort of twisting for quite a while. now we're told by john kerry himself to the boston globe that he had the job before perhaps susan rice knew that it was not going to be hers. >> i don't know when susan rice knew it, but, of course, the
1:45 pm
white house's objective in all of this would be to get out of a bumpy, awkward situation as smoothly as possible. if they were going to do that, they would want to know who the replacement was, have the replacement in place, make sure all of that was handled, as they handled her exit. it's not that surprising that a few days before we heard about it, they were working on it. >> amy, the issues that he now faces, we had the suicide bombing today in turkey. iran announce says that it is ramping up its centrifuges at its main nuclear facility, newly re-elected benjamin netanyahu with a smaller mandate and perhaps a little bit handcuffed in terms of his aeblt to take on iran, but this week showing that he is not at all reluctant to go into syria and take out what we believe was a convoy of missiles headed hezbollah. this is -- these are only some of the issues of the cyber attacks that have been attributed to china against a
1:46 pm
number of corporations aring, including now the "new york times" and wall street journal. what do you think is first and foremost on john kerry's plate? >> i think that some of that is just going to be dictated, as you said, by crisis, by how much happens, how much quickly between israel and syria or what exactly happened in turkey today. i think that a big difference between what he was facing and what clinton was facing when she took the job is that obama is less interested now in the debate about what he wants to do in places like afghanistan. now he has more of a sense and wants to act a little more quickly. also, kerry has such a different task than hillary in the sense that his career, his run for the president is really behind him, and hers might now be ahead of her. they have a different -- they are coming to the job in a different way, and it's a different task -- set of tasks within the cabinet from obama's perspective as well.
1:47 pm
>> now, one of the things that was very clear was that hillary clinton did not have a clear running room on policy making from the people around the president who were the close national security advisors. kerry would likely have even less. david. >> yeah, i think that's right. kerry's job i think will be to serve obama's legacy, and he is going to have to work within an obama system that four years in is fairly well defined. the big issues are run out of the white house. they're run by a small group of people around the president, but it will be interesting to see how kerry changes the mix a bit. for example, you were just talking about hillary clinton and women's issues. kerry has been a leader on climate issues. will he be able to tip the scales a little bit in that direction and actually build on what the president said in his inaugural address about making climate a priority? >> kerry has said he wants to focus on the middle east, and that has been a deficit in terms of the israeli-palestinian
1:48 pm
track. certainly, i mean, the arab spring made it much more difficult, much more complicated, but some would argue made it more necessary. >> well, yeah. the middle east is also one of the drains that can suck all the oxygen out of the room. you know, you could get involved in it and get sucked down all these different kind of rabbit holes that exist in the middle east. syria, israel, palestine, egypt, iran, iraq which could, you know, get rough, afghanistan, which is a problem. all of those things are, i guess, threads that he could pull on that could leave him not enough time to deal with the trans-atlantic relationship, to deal with china, to deal with our neighbors like mexico where their priority issues. to deal with rebuilding the international institutions that need to be rebuilt. i think he has to be a bit careful not to fall into that trap. >> finally, what about iran and whether we are going to be caught up in something that israel launches or that we have to launch with israel.
1:49 pm
what do you see lying ahead in terms of a military option against iran? >> well, i think that if you look at the hagel hearings yesterday, which were very much about this, it seems that a lot of that is also going to be about the relationship with israel right now and about the pressures that obama has from the republicans and also from his own party and also a little bit about what the iranians are ready to do. i think that it's a different moment, though, when i don't see kerry spending the time that hillary did going from country to country sort of trying to gather or change america's image in the region as much, but i think that kerry might have a better chance of working also with the senate in terms of questions about sanctions and about other options besides the military option. >> amy davidson, david, thank you very much. transition day at the state department. on a sad note, ed koch, new york
1:50 pm
city's iconic mayor died early this morning from congestive heart failure at the age of 88. he was failure at age of 88. koch presided for 12 years, credited with bringing the city back from financial collapse, launched an ambitious housing program, a lifelong champion of gay rights, breezed through the streets of new york city with the thumb's up sign and asking his trademark question. >> am i doing all right? hi, everybody. >> how am i doing? koch was also combative. critics say exacerbating new york's racial divides. endorsing george w. bush over john kerry in 2004 but coming home to the democrats when barack obama ran in 2008 after initially supporting hillary clinton. he was remembered by mayor mike bloomberg this morning. >> we are going to pay respects to ed koch for a long time because he really made this city
1:51 pm
what it is today and his successes have been building their careers on him. ed was the quintessential mayor. >> ed koch's funeral will be monday in new york city. he was 88 years old. hantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, tell your doctor if you have new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away
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which story will make headlines in the next 24 hours? chris cillizza is back. scott brown would have had to run in the special and then two years later and so two more races in the next couple of years. that's the reason he is stated. when's going on there and who's now favored? >> yeah. well, you know, andrea, i think he looked at the prospect having just lost and then running in a heavily democratic state where the chances of winning are not that great and would pass. i would say scott brown runs for governor in 2014 when that seat is open. this is a big boost to democrats no matter how you slice it.
1:55 pm
republicans say we'll have a real, serious candidate and they may but scott brown head and shoulders the best candidate in a very short special election. ed markey, senate democrat, is the favorite. he is a primary challenge who's strong in the labor community but markey is a favorite in the general election. >> good day for ed markey. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> we'll talk later offline about the super bowl. that does it for us. monday on show, we'll talk about the super bowl and women make history in the senate series continues. and remember, follow the show online and on twitter. i'm heading to the state department for hillary clinton's farewell. tamron hall has a look at what's next. >> we'll carry the farewell to the state department live in the hour. also, mixed news from the new jobs report out today. good enough to send the dow over
1:56 pm
14,000 mark for the first time in five years. we'll tell you what call of this means for the big economic picture ahead. and we're also following two big developing stories of the middle east. in turkey, at least two people are dead after a suicide bomber attacks the u.s. embassy and in cairo violence has erupted on the grounds of the president's palace. we'll have the very latest next. diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues... with three strains of good bacteria. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'. to find you a great deal, even if it's not with us. [ ding ] oh, that's helpful! well, our company does that, too. actually, we invented that. it's like a sauna in here. helping you save, even if it's not with us --
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by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. hi, everyone. i'm tamron hall. "the news nation" is following the hillary clinton farewell to the state department. these are live pictures of state department employees waiting for the arrival of secretary clinton. she left the white house just a short time ago after her final day of meetings and will publicly say good-bye to her colleagues at 2:30 eastern time. we'll bring you, of course, her remarks as soon as she starts up. and


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